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Do You Know How Get The Highest ENGAGEMENT You’ve Ever Seen On Your Videos?

By creating a STORY… And NOT just any story… A TEXT MESSAGES STORY

Do you agree that consumers love to Watch, Engage, or Interact with this NEW TYPE of VIDEO!


  • Get More Engagement
  • Get More Exposure
  • Generate NEW Customers
  • Engage with your Audience
  • Boost Conversions & Sales
  • Increase ROI
  • Encourage Social Shares

What I Do

I create all kinds of videos that are engaging, exciting, creative and fun videos. I will produce your own Text video (no matter which language) that will attract attention to your business product or service.

Text-Story Videos combine the art of Story-telling & Selling in a very powerful (yet, non-intrusive) way…

…Just imagine slipping in your marketing message right inside these stories that convey funny, personal, everyday conversations that people can relate to.

Who I Am

Hi, my name is Agnes ▶ Pro Digital Marketer .

My Expertise: Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Leads Generation,  I’m very Active on Fiverr. 2500+ 5 STAR REVIEWS. Ask for EXAMPLES. Hours: 9am-6pm (CET time) Mon – Fri.